We’ve Arrived!

32 hours later and we have arrived!
The smell of the earth and the dust rising and bellowing into the airport was a familiar welcome. The ill ease that I had felt all along this process of getting here has slipped away. It almost feels like I have come back home after a long vacation. The people and places bare resemblance to my first experience in Kenya. But I know that there is still so much to learn. The distinctions will soon become evident. New faces, new characters in this story will come forward, and a new understanding will be made.
This is not me. This is not my story. The story started long ago – long before the ashes fell and the dust settled. Long before a rigged presidential election, and long before Kenya was Kenya. This is a human story. One from which we can all learn; one which will examine the value of life, the power of love, and the strength of hope.
Still sweating the stress off my back of the past year, I still have to question: am I ready?
The clarity will come.

Love you (because I love to),


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