Back in the US of A

I wrote this on the airplane before falling asleep, thinking about how I would explain my reaction to people when I return to the States:
“36 hours ago I was holding the hands of my Kenyan mama accepting her prayers for my well being in the middle of the biggest slum in the world. I’d known her for less than a week; it was completely sincere; It was my normal.

Six months ago, the film industry was a career I completely rejected. (I just finished production of a documentary film.)
I just learned what love really is, but there’s a sense of longing that lingers.
I feel love
, hope
, pride, 
, concern
, growth, 
, joy… and I’m afraid I’ll forget it before long for the sake of re-acclamation. I can only retain the lessons learned though my lasting relationships with friends and family.

“Life is not about time, but about relationships.”
Lessons learned.

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