Back in the US of A

I wrote this on the airplane before falling asleep, thinking about how I would explain my reaction to people when I return to the States: “36 hours ago I was holding the hands of my Kenyan mama accepting her prayers…

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Last Day in Kitale

“We think of you as Gabriel. The angel, God’s messager. You are a messager of our people. God has sent you to us.” Seated in the administrative office of Sister Freda’s Cottage Hospital she tells me that I have been…

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Tyler on Mt Elgon hike

A Time To Be Small

Among the dense green forest of Mt. Elgon, four Americans are guided by two armed Kenyan soldiers in full uniform. Their pleasant demeanor and patience contrasts their otherwise intimidating appearance. The ride through the forest is breathtaking. Literally. I found…

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Tyler and Peter


If I don’t feel well, if my mind is racing and my heart out of synch – there’s a reason. Finding a balance in Kenya is not easy. Finding the truth about Kenya is harder, because there is not one…

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Screen Shot 2015-08-25 at 1.46.13 PM-2

The Medical Marvel

The deep azure of her eyes clung like a halo to her pupil. Her eyes pointed up toward the sky as she spoke each word. “You are welcome. You see, just as the doors were open when you arrived today,…

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Arrival in Kitale

I just took one of the best showers of my adult life. (The other being that which took place at the Jinja Nile Resort in Uganda.) Hot water? Water that I can drink and brush my teeth with? A toilet?…

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