A Chance for Peace started off as a documentary film, but after 10 years of immersive peace research throughout the globe, it has become a beacon of hope for the residents of Africa’s largest slum. The film chronicles the story of 3 unsung heroes in Kenya who started their own grassroots peace efforts following post-election violence that displaced 600,000 people. Exploring his own motivations in the process, first-time director Tyler Batson’s tells a story that provides a look into the failure of the democratic process, highlighting the strength of the human spirit to overcome all odds in the name of peace.


Today, we believe that – now more than ever – peace must be made public. Our commitment to engage, dialogue, and create sustainable solutions for peace starts with empathy, grows as we listen to one another, and takes root when we act for the collective good. Peace is not something we think or something we feel, it’s something we do. Our goal is to create a generation of optimists who can acknowledge themselves and their neighbors as agents of change – change that is tethered to compassion, first and foremost.


We lift young leaders up, not to concentrate power, but to share in each other’s strengths.


With over a decade of immersive peace research, we’ve learned a thing or two – and it’s time to pay it forward.


A truly grassroots movement, we could not exist without our partners supporting us around the globe.


We’ve gone places even the Kenyan police are trained not to go. We see the most vulnerable as the most valuable.


We work hard to redirect the narrative from doom and gloom to the truth: peace is in our nature.


We relentlessly believe in peace, but it’s not easy. Harnessing the power of a community of optimists keeps us strong.


A Chance for Peace has come a long way since Tyler went wandering the streets of Kibera slum asking strangers, “What is your definition of peace?” As threats of new violence emerged in the most recent election in Kenya, the film served as a tool to promote peace, inspiring even members of the Taliban to keep peace. Since then, we’ve released the film online for completely free streaming to reach a global audience, collaborated with local youth leaders on public peace events, and look forward to bringing peace education to all 200 of Kibera’s schools. Ambitious? We know. Possible? Absolutely!

Global meets local. A truly grassroots movement.

From the onset, A Chance for Peace has been a truly grassroots, collaborative movement. The story that became the movement survives with the help of our partners on the ground in Kenya and people like you. And since we know peace is all about taking action, we’re making sure we’re reaching as many people as possible.
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Feedback on A Chance for Peace

Rising out of a country unfairly stereotyped as violent and riddled with despair, A Chance for Peace is a refreshing beacon of hope. Our fellow human beings in this film can truly teach us so much, especially now.

Community Manager

A remarkable story, beautifully captured. A Chance for Peace delves into the most important question facing mankind – what does peace look like? Filmmaker Tyler Batson weaves a narrative that is raw, honest, and emotionally charged. A must watch!

Film Director & Writer

A Chance for Peace elevates the pursuit of peace to greater heights, where it belongs. The beautiful lesson of the film shows that, though we suffer, our deepest desire as humans is not to hate but to heal.

Kenyan Artist & Designer
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A Chance for Peace + Phathu Nembilwi
11 Dec: Our Latest Collaboration With Illustrator Phathu Nembilwi

I knew bringing this pivotal year to life on the web was going to be a challenge, but as I’ve learned, the trick to overcoming any challenge is to find the beauty. Luckily I stumbled upon graphic designer and illustrator Phathu Nembilwi’s Instagram page. One DM later and our creative collaboration began – from 10,300 miles away.

20171201_181653_5S0A7785 copy
04 Dec: The #PeaceMadePublic Event Series Begins!

“There were people who attended the last events who returned once more. Still others showed up and asked if they could volunteer to help with the event. But the biggest shock was to find out that criminals showed up to the event and watch “A Chance for Peace.”

Melissa River-Sosa
27 Nov: DONOR SPOTLIGHT: Melissa River-Sosa

Special thanks to our latest donor Melissa Rivera Sosa for her contribution to A Chance for Peace. She’s a dear friend of director Tyler Batson and exemplifies a spirit of unwavering determination and faith – a spirit that is a privilege to see grow more and more each day.

Tyler Batson A Chance for Peace in Kibera
27 Aug: Tyler Returns to Kenya
"...when they left the screening, having committed to peace, they went home and told their families and friends about the message of A Chance for Peace, about their commitment to non-violence and brotherhood, and men, women, and children – including members of the 3 leading gangs, the Siafu, the Mungiki, and even the much-feared Taliban – made sure that the election was peaceful."


Peace is never too far out of reach.

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