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We believe that peace is possible –
even in the most unlikely spaces.
We believe this because we’ve seen it with
our own eyes. And now we’re ready to share 10 years worth of peace and conflict resolution research with the world. And we want you to join us, because peace is not something you think or feel. Peace is something you do.



A Chance for Peace started off as a documentary film, but after 10 years of immersive peace research throughout the globe, it has become a beacon of hope for the residents of Africa’s largest slum. The film chronicles the story of 3 unsung heroes in Kenya who started their own grassroots peace efforts following post-election violence that displaced 600,000 people. Exploring his own motivations in the process, first-time director Tyler Batson’s tells a story that provides a look into the failure of the democratic process, highlighting the strength of the human spirit to overcome all odds in the name of peace.


A Chance for Peace has come a long way since Tyler went wandering the streets of Kibera slum asking strangers, “What is your definition of peace?” As threats of new violence emerged in the most recent election in Kenya, the film served as a tool to promote peace, inspiring even local gangs to reconcile and keep peace. Since then, we’ve collaborated with local youth leaders on free-to-the-public peace events, and look forward to bringing peace education to all 200 of Kibera’s schools. Ambitious? We know. Possible? Absolutely!

The film is currently available for viewing at achacneforpeace.com/film,
We continue to support leadership in peacemaking
in Kenya and here in the U.S.

‘Peace Made Public’ Events
Peace Made Public Events

Public Accountability For Peace

Peace in Schools
Peace in Schools

Community-led peace education


A Chance for Peace + Phathu Nembilwi
11 Dec: Our Latest Collaboration With Illustrator Phathu Nembilwi

I knew bringing this pivotal year to life on the web was going to be a challenge, but as I’ve learned, the trick to overcoming any challenge is to find the beauty. Luckily I stumbled upon graphic designer and illustrator Phathu Nembilwi’s Instagram page. One DM later and our creative collaboration began – from 10,300 miles away.

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04 Dec: The #PeaceMadePublic Event Series Continues!

“There were people who attended the last events who returned once more. Still others showed up and asked if they could volunteer to help with the event. But the biggest shock was to find out that criminals showed up to the event and watch “A Chance for Peace.”

Tyler Batson A Chance for Peace in Kibera
27 Aug: Tyler Returns to Kenya
"...when they left the screening, having committed to peace, they went home and told their families and friends about the message of A Chance for Peace, about their commitment to non-violence and to the men, women, and children of Kibera – doing their part to spread the message that peace is possible!

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