A Chance for Peace + Phathu Nembilwi

11 Dec: Our Latest Collaboration With Illustrator Phathu Nembilwi

I knew bringing this pivotal year to life on the web was going to be a challenge, but as I’ve learned, the trick to overcoming any challenge is to find the beauty. Luckily I stumbled upon graphic designer and illustrator Phathu Nembilwi’s Instagram page. One DM later and our creative collaboration began – from 10,300 miles away.

Tyler Batson A Chance for Peace in Kibera

27 Aug: Tyler Returns to Kenya

"...when they left the screening, having committed to peace, they went home and told their families and friends about the message of A Chance for Peace, about their commitment to non-violence and brotherhood, and men, women, and children – including members of the 3 leading gangs, the Siafu, the Mungiki, and even the much-feared Taliban – made sure that the election was peaceful."

12 Jul: Our 1st Public Screening in Kibera

It was imperative to me that A Chance for Peace be screened in an open public space, for free. This way anyone walking by had the opportunity to see their own history presented to them as a mirror, but not the story on the news of violence and terror. Here, they got to see the tragedies of the past and the grassroots peace efforts they never heard of. The hope was that they’d begin building bridges to peace now, before history repeats.