Peace in Schools
To create sustainable change, we need sustainable solutions. In partnership with Hope for Kibera, we believe we can empower young people through the missing link in almost all our lives: peace education. We've learned about war, we experience violence first-hand, and corruption is fact. Now it's time to come together and start to see young people as agents of change for a more inclusive and peaceful world.
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Education & Empowerment
Kibera Slum, Nairobi, Kenya
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On a recent visit to Kibera Slum in Nairobi, Kenya, ACFP Director Tyler Batson was floored by the Facebook messages and friend requests that greeted him when he got back to his hotel. Multiple young people messaged saying they had seen A Chance for Peace at one of our public screenings in Kibera. They said they saw Tyler walking around Kibera and recognized him, but didn’t want to interrupt my visit. They spoke humbly of the peace projects that they were doing in Kibera as well. Sixteen, 17, and 18-year-olds engaging the same community peace actions and solutions-based dialogues. It became clear to Tyler that if A Chance for Peace is going to continue, it needs to be helmed by Kibera’s youth. With direct contact to all 200 schools in Kibera, A Chance for Peace is developing a peace curriculum to bring that which is sorely missing from all schools: peace education.


Two hundred school is a lot of kids! But after thoughtful consideration and consultation with our partners on the ground at Hope for Kibera, we believe the most sustainable solution is simple: peace education. Young people learn an obscene amount of information on war, violence, and corruption, but what about peace? In the ACFP spirit of making peace public, we want to bring screenings of A Chance for Peace into Kibera’s 200 schools, have open and honest discussions on peace, and challenge young people to create actionable peace projects. We believe that the future starts and ends with young people, and the 13 and 14 year-olds of today are going to be the voters of tomorrow. They need to know that no matter what happens in the cyclical political chess game in the capitol, that they can depend on one another as agent of positive change – and we want to be there to help them achieve their vision for a less divisive and more inclusive and prosperous future.



Donate to help us continue to develop the Peace in Schools program. Our goal is to reach all 200 schools in Kibera. That’s something we can’t do alone.


As the program develops, youth leaders will emerge, and we want to empower them. Sponsor a child’s peace education and be part of the process!


Share this link with your social media networks so they, too, can become ambassadors for peace by sharing the truth – that peace is possible!

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