Our 2017 Annual Report Illustrated by Phathu Nembilwi
A collaboration across
continents and oceans

I knew bringing this pivotal year to life on the web was going to be a challenge, but as I’ve learned, the trick to overcoming any challenge is to find the beauty. Luckily I stumbled upon graphic designer and illustrator Phathu Nembilwi’s Instagram page. One DM later and our creative collaboration began – from 10,300 miles away.

“If we were going to make a real impact to avert the kind of violence we saw in 2007 and 2008, then we needed to direct our attention to some of the most feared people in Kibera.” – Excerpt from our 2017 Annual Report

I’ve been working on this annual report for a couple weeks now, but really, this year of peace efforts, reunions, and writings has been 10 years in the making. Truthfully, I always wondered why bringing A Chance for Peace to light faced so many challenges. Now, seeing the success and the peace we have brought to people’s hearts and minds, it all makes sense. Timing is everything and A Chance for Peace just had to see the light this year – an election year, a year of divisiveness, but for us, a year of incredible opportunity to create peace.


  • Successfully launch 2 new programs
  • Inspire over 1,000 people to maintain peace
  • Strategically overpower divisive political rhetoric
  • Prevent a tragic repetition of history


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