The #PeaceMadePublic Event Series Begins
ACFP Peace Events
After a brief absence, spats of violence began anew. So ACFP is back with a new series of peace events.

It’s another one for the books, ladies and gentleman. I right this in disbelief. This is the 4th #PeaceMadePublic event we’ve had – and the first in what will hopefully be a series of 5 events to restore peace to Kibera. And it seems as though people were waiting for us to come back. There were people who attended the last events who returned once more. Still others showed up and asked if they could volunteer to help with the event. But the biggest shock was to find out that criminals showed up to the event and watch A Chance for Peace. After watching the performers, speakers, and the film itself, a few of them came up to our facilitator and said, “We want to be reformed. What can we do?”

Let’s just take that in for a moment. A Chance for Peace is living up to it’s name. I thought it’d go to film festivals and that’d be it. This is SO much better!

My hope is that at this point, you’re asking yourself how you can help. If not, it’s okay. But if you’re curious, there are more events planned and we need sponsors to help us facilitate these events.

A Chance for Peace is living up to it’s name. I thought it’d go to film festivals and that’d be it. This is so much better!

This event was held in Lindi, an area in Kibera recently hit with a spat of violence. But we don’t want to just show up when something goes wrong, we want to prevent violence from happening in the first place.

There are 5 wards in Kibera, so we have 4 more events to go. Each event costs $200 to put on. All our speakers, security, and performers are unpaid volunteers, so all $200 goes toward to event itself. If you’re interested in helping us reform these men that are just coming up to us asking for a chance for peace, please, donate today or share this post (below) to expand our reach. We are 100% grassroots and thank you dearly for your support.


*All donations through our fiscal sponsor Fractured Atlas are 100% tax-deductible. 

All photos shot by Bryan Jaybee, aka @storitellah.

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