Tyler Brings ACFP to L.A. High Schoolers

The first day I walked into class, I was nervous, I’m not gonna lie. This would be the first group of people to see A Chance for Peace and I decided the best group would be multiples classes full of 13 and 14-year-old kids? Nerves aside, I consider it a privilege to have been welcomed to Prepa Tec High School Los Angeles in Huntington Park, especially during such a dark time. Not far from the school, many students were seeing their parents taken away and deported under new orders by the current administration. Many parents are scared they will be next.

One of the many lessons I’ve learned over the past 9 years of working on A Chance for Peace came immediately to mind on that first day: just listen. So I asked, “What is your definition of peace?” My favorite response: “Peace is gift you give to someone else.” Brilliant.

“Peace is a gift you give to someone else.”

I’ve asked that question to innumerable people all over the globe and that was the first time that someone frame it in the context of something given. The heart swells just thinking about it now.

He’s right. Peace cannot be held down. Inherent to the life of peace is freedom. And inherent to freedom is responsibility.We all have a responsibility to hold each other up and live collectively. There’s no doubt that’s what life is. No one is out here alone. No one. And these students reminded me of that. Despite the hardships they endure and the fear they live with, they know that peace is a gift.

May their message reach far and wide.

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